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Post by Lord of Games on Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:03 pm

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Forum Rules

Part A: Posting Guidelines

• Please do not use Caps Lock when posting a message.

• Proper grammar and punctuation are required, even if your English is not that good.

• The uses of chat slang, such as ROFL, LMAO, KTHXBAI, or a single smiley are not tolerated. Remember that this is a forum, and not a chat room.

• Before posting a new topic, use the ‘Search’ feature to make sure that your topic is not already under discussion. If it is, post it in there. The only exception is when the topic is over three months old with no activity. If that’s the case, then you’re permitted to post a new topic regarding said subject.

• Double-posting is not tolerated. If you made a mistake in your previous post (or for any other reason you wish to correct it), please use the ‘Edit’ button.

• As previously stated, topics over three months old with no activity must not be bumped. If you have anything new or earth-shattering to add to it, create a new topic, and provide a link to the previous one.

• We advise you to have patience. Constantly bumping a topic will only lead to it being locked. The minimum time between one bump is twelve hours.

• Creating a topic in one sub-forum, and then re-creating it in another sub-forum is called ‘Cross-Posting’. It is not tolerated here. As it has already been said, please be patient.

• A topic that is about to be locked should be left alone. Do not post useless messages such as, “IB4TL” or “In before the lock”.

These are simple guidelines that all members are to follow when posting on our forums. While it is highly improbable that you will receive a punishment for failing to follow these, you may be issued a warning if it gets out of hand.

Part B: Behavioral Conduct

• The creations of topics or messages that contain slanderous remarks against a certain race, gender, age-group, sexual orientation, mental and/or physical disabilities, creed, or person (either living or dead) have no place here.

• Arguments and debates are inevitable, but that doesn’t leave room to personally attack or criticize another member for their beliefs, thoughts, or opinions.

• Personally attacking another member or threatening them is highly inappropriate, and will be dealt with accordingly.

• To ensure the security of all of our members, personal information (telephone numbers, real names, place of residence, school, etc.) is to be kept confidential and not shared with other members. This includes posting pictures of one another.

• Consistently spamming the board is a nuisance and will result in a loss of privileges.

• We expect that all members will act like themselves and themselves only. There is zero tolerance for posing as celebrities or any other infamous people.

• Sending private messages which contain racial/sexual slurs, slanderous remarks, threats, or advertising is prohibited. Anybody caught doing so will have their private messaging mailbox disabled for a period of time, and a ban.

• While IMG tags are enabled, improper use is discouraged. This includes pornography, obscene and offensive material. Also remember that a maximum of 4 images may be posted in 1 thread alone. Keep in mind that there are members who are running on lower-speed connections, and continuous images take up an unnecessary amount of bandwidth.

• Advertising is permitted in signatures and avatars, but not in topics. Anyone who registers solely for the purpose of advertising their website or any other product will be banned.

• Avatars must be appropriate. Racial/Sexual content, advertising, or anything that a member may find offensive is prohibited. You will be asked by a moderator to change your avatar if it fits into any of the above categories. A second strike will lead to avatars being disabled, and quite possibly a suspension.

• One account per person is the maximum limit. Alternate accounts used solely for a prank, redemption, or bypassing a ban are not tolerated. If you have people joining from the same computer, please notify the staff in advance.

• Offences committed in real life are not topic for discussion.

• All topics are expected to be appropriate. Keep in mind that several of our members are under the age of 18. Explicit material is to be kept out of this forum.

Every member is expected to abide by these rules and conduct themselves as civilized and mature people. These rules do not cover everything that could possibly occur, however they set grounds for the most common situations. Disobeying these rules will lead to warning deductions, and account suspensions.

The Forum Rules are subject to change at any time, so we advise that you re-read on a regular basis.

It is imperative that decent usage of the ‘Report Post’ button is made by all of our members who feel that the rules have been violated. The administration staff can not be available twenty-four hours per day.

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