Kameo 2 for Xbox 360 on Rare’s mind since 2005

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Kameo 2 for Xbox 360 on Rare’s mind since 2005

Post by Lord of Games on Sat Aug 29, 2009 2:09 pm

Back in August 2006, Rare’s Kameo: Elements of Power team was interviewed on the official Rareware website (at The Tepid Seat section) by fans about the game and their future plans. Here are some choice quotes that hint at Kameo 2.

When asked about a Kameo sequel, Kameo lead artist Mark says: “There is a new download pack coming (the Kameo Power Pack) that offers an expert difficulty mode and some fun new Co-Op play modes, plus some more costumes for Kameo and her Warriors. Beyond that download pack I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. Perhaps if you ever meet the Mystic you could ask her to have a look into her Crystal Eye for you.”

When asked if the next Kameo game would come out before the next Xbox was released, Mark replied: “Not wanting to commit to anything, but if we make a sequel it would be for Xbox 360. [...] On the whole we’re pleased with the reception Kameo had. There were a few criticisms that seemed to appear consistently and obviously if we were to do a sequel then we’d look into those. There are lots of things you’d change if you could during the making of a game, but unfortunately there are always limits on how far you can go. In the case of Kameo the biggest factor was that we were committed to making launch for Xbox 360, so I think being able to go back wouldn’t really make a great deal of difference as we did all that we could in order to make launch and are very proud of what we achieved. [...] If any sequels were to appear then they would definitely have new characters.”

There’s definitely room left in the storyline for a sequel. *SPOILER ALERT* As Kameo’s assistant designer Chris puts it: “If you’ve completed the game – and I’m assuming you have if you’re watching [to the end of] the credits - then try returning to the Enchanted Kingdom and see if anybody’s missing. Not wanting to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t yet finished the adventure, it’s a familiar face whose plans have been inadvertently foiled – suffice to say that they’re now out for revenge…” *SPOILER END*

Later in August 2008, Rare senior software engineer Nick Burton talked to Videogamer at the Develop conference (UK, Brighton) about him wanting to start on Kameo 2 right after Kameo’s November 2005 release, so that the game would be finished in 12-18 months. But that never happened, so she was put on a hiatus.

When he was asked how long we’d have to wait to see a sequel, he said: “I could say to you now, no, 18 months at least. In reality, everything might come into alignment at the end of next week and suddenly it’s like, yeah go and start doing that. And it might be out of our control. It might be because suddenly there’s a massive gap in the portfolio where there’s no games like that at all coming down the pipe in two years’ time. And then if the resources were there, let’s say Banjo’s finished but they decide they want to do something different, and then there’s this opening for Kameo [2].”

If that ended up happening, that would mean Kameo 2’s development has started in the past month and the platformer adventure could be ready by holiday 2010! *crosses fingers*

From: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2009/01/13/kameo-2-for-xbox-360-on-rares-mind-since-2005.htm


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Re: Kameo 2 for Xbox 360 on Rare’s mind since 2005

Post by Playstation 4 on Sat Sep 05, 2009 1:24 pm

Maybe they'll pull a N&B and release many years after the original. It's a longshot, but it might happen.
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