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The Warning System Empty The Warning System

Post by Lord of Games on Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:52 pm

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The Warning System

Code: Revolution enforces its rules using warning bars. When a member of the forum breaks one of the rules, depending on the severity of the offence, their warning bar will decrease and the color will change. This is called a ‘Warning Deduction’.

Every member starts with a clean slate. With outstanding and decent behavior, and respect of the rules, no deductions will take place. However, if a member misbehaves, and breaks the forum rules, the bar will begin to decrease. If no respect and understandings for the rules are shown, and the member continues to misbehave, their account may face a ban for a given amount of time.

There are no set deductions for specific issued for each rule, due to the fact that each offence committed is unique, and do not always fit under the same category. Let’s suppose that a member was to make a sexual remark and their bar is deducted once. However, another member comes along and makes a sexual remark, but theirs is deducted twice. As it’s been stated before, offences are unique and do not fit under categories. The first member could have simply broken a rule while replying to a thread and the second member could have posted an entire topic regarding negativity.

Punishments follow once warning deductions are reached:

2 Deductions (Orange Bar) – 7 day ban
3 Deductions (Red Bar) – 14 day ban

4 Deductions (Drained Bar) – Permanent Ban
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